Thursday, August 26, 2010

Li - dynamic forms in nature

These Past few months have been quite insane, with a number of shows back to back.... Notably, the most interesting show I have had the chance to partake in was a collaboration with my ceramics friend Johanna Schmidt
Johanna was one of my co-residents in ceramics studio at harbourfront centre. Her work is both playful and experimental, comprised of a series of multiples- each piece builds upon an unconventional approach to working with her materials. I feel a very similar sentiment to the way she approaches her work and am intruiged in the potential that lays in continuing to explore my ideas through material processes and the use of multiples...

I found a series of these books in Chicago a couple of years ago on a school trip and had to scoop them up!
The series is incredible and a great resource for any craftsperson/visual artist
This soon became the starting point that would inform the beginning of our collaboration:

David Wade has spent a lifetime gathering and organizing the extraordinary families of surface patterns that nature throws up at every scale. The study of these shapes-a subject virtually unknown in the West-was known in ancient China as Li and is the sister science to Feng Shui. In this unique and insightful book are sand and wave patterns, big-cat markings, bark and leaf designs, soap and marbling swirls, crystalline and rock forms, tree branching types, and many more of nature's dynamic, sometimes enigmatic designs. Li will appeal to scientists and artists, and has far-reaching applications in graphic design, architecture, and other visual forms and sciences.

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