Thursday, November 15, 2012

Opening: Lyn Carter @ Peak Gallery

Hello, I wanted to give you a heads up if you are in the city, here is an invite to a fantastic exhibition of new work by Lyn Carter currently up at Peak Gallery, on Morrow Ave. 
I also just got word from the curator of Cambridge Galleries, that her installation Beacon is still up, and should be there for at least another week or so. If you get an opportunity please check out both of these incredible shows! 
NEW WORK @ Peak Gallery
23 Morrow Ave. Toronto

Thursday, Nov. 08 - Dec. 8th, 2012
Opening: Saturday, Nov. 10th 3-7pm

In this new body of work for Peak Gallery Lyn Carter continues to work with forms that are possible within the limits and potential of cloth as a constructed skin. Working with sewing as a gendered activity, Carter aims to make "women's work" sculpture. The sculptures are formed by the way the cloth sections are cut and sewn. Weight is not experienced through mass, though gravity is felt. The monumental is revised both by the materials used and by the forms suggested, yet the work still probes our understanding of the physical world through sculptural means: weight and lightness, scale, suspension, gravity and elevation.

Image: Lyn Carter's - studio

BEACON @ Cambridge Galleries
1 North Square, Cambridge, ON. Dec. 10, 2011 - (still up!)


Created specifically for the atrium of the gallery, Beacon is the newest and largest work to date created by Carter, well known for her intricate textile surfaces and unusual sculptural forms. It will remain on view until October 2012. Here is an excerpt from an interview she did with Canadian Art Magazine.. you can read the full interview here.
“Lately, I have been enjoying working more with the scale of architecture,” Carter says, noting that a recent public art project in Cambridge, Beacon, very nearly fills an expansive atrium. “As the venues have gotten larger, I have had the opportunity to get larger. It’s really something that’s literally grown as my career has grown. With every piece, you are just pushing yourself a little bit further.”

Lyn Carter is an artist based near Grand Valley, Ontario.  She has exhibited across Canada, in the U.S.A., Australia, Britain, Spain and Mexico.  In 2008 she was invited to create a site-specific work for the Third Guangzhou Triennial in Guangzhou, China.  She began her undergraduate studies in Textile Design and completed her Masters of Fine Art in Sculpture at York University.  She is represented by Peak Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

For more on Lyn Carter's activities see:
Beacon, 2011
fabric and aluminum hardware
H 18.5' x W 9' x D 9'

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