Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ALSO Collective

The opening for our show Workplace Affairs this past Saturday turned out to be a huge success with tons of people coming and going as they stopped in at each of the venues for Junction Kick-off Week along the way!
While I was there, I had the chance to speak with the guys from ALSO Collective, who are currently putting together a video project for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. 
While doing an interview with them on camera I may have froze in nervousness and probably turned a bit red in the face too, but I really enjoyed some of the questions they had to ask me about the perception of Design in Toronto and Canadian Design at large. 
And although I didn't have immediate answers to a few of their questions, I feel as though it charged some great conversations among new acquaintances and people at the gallery.
I am excited to see the edited video after the festival is finished as well as hear what other people have to say. Here is some more info about ALSO Collective and a look at some of their design work.

ALSO Collective is an emerging multi-disciplinary design studio in Toronto. Founded in April 2012 by designers, Antonio Lennert and Symon Oliver, the studio has received recognition from the local and national design community through multiple awards.
The team is composed of a mix of graphic and industrial designers, printmakers, photographers and videographers. The projects produced by the studio vary from branding and print design to interactive design, video and data visualization.

In spite of its short history, the studio has already established a remarkable clientele that includes Post Media, SickKids Hospital, OCAD University, OCAD U Student Gallery, Sustainable Design Awards, as well as local artist Shannon Gerard. To complete that list, the studio has become a sponsor (and are collaborating with) the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. The ALSO crew will be documenting this year's edition of the festival to produce a promotional video.

A few visual identities designed by ALSO Collective

Symon Oliver and Antonio Lennert, founders of ALSO Collective.

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